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Are you an up-and-coming eSport team, or even a seasoned one that wants a new esports logo? You’ve come to the right place.We sell premade esports logos for your team to rock in competitions. If your roster is filled with great talent, why not dress it well. If you think of some of the top teams in eSports, you can probably match the teams with the logos. Why? Because they’re memorable.

As much as gameplay can do the talking, having a logo that fans can remember will do wonders. We offer a bunch of premade esports logos that your team can choose from. When you purchase a logo from our store, it’s yours, and only yours. There won’t be another team running around with it.

Picking one can be difficult, especially if it’s going to represent a lot of people. We hope our wide selection has at least one that your team can agree on. It’s a big decision, and we get that. The color schemes, styles, and expressions are all variables to think about when choosing one.

Now that you have a shiny new Premade esports logo

with over 10 years esports branding experience our team of high skilled designers are ready to make your stream stand out. We have worked on all things esports ranging from full overlay packages, web development and UI/UX design, animation logo strings, apparel/merch design, point of sale as well as game concept art. We develop a one to one understanding of what our clients want before we start the work. Each project is unique and will never be repeated. We use our creative side so you don’t have to.

Streamer Overlays is your premium esports marketplace. Where you can sell and buy premade esports logos, stream overlays, alerts, sounds and GFX resources.

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