How much does it cost?

All design prices are set by the owner, So the owner set the ultimate price. We do however take a small percentage of each sale, to cover server and advertising costs.

Commission Percentage

We currently offer a 90% commission structure, were the owner of the design receives 90% of the sale price. For example if you sell an esports logo at $200 dollars you will receive: $200 – 10% = $180.

Who can become a creator?

Anyone who’s interested in selling on Streamer Overlays can apply to become a seller. Currently offers are open to all esports designers and twitch overlay designers, So go ahead an apply.

Can I sell free products?

Yes! If you want to, you can

How do I start uploading my products

Under you account tab in the top right navigation go to Seller dashboard. Or you can use this link

How do I get paid

At the end of each day, we generate a payout file, which pays sellers via their PayPal account. Your PayPal account email is the one you registered with. You can always change it under your profile. Or email us at to have us change it

Can I become a featured Seller

Yes, email us at and we will discuss your featured posts

Do I have my own store

Yes everyone has their own storefront, in which they can direct customer and take custom orders via the contact form