World of Warcraft Stream Overlay Package

With your faction chosen and guild invites sent. How can we expand your horizons in the World of Warcraft. This new World of Warcraft Stream Overlay Package takes the game back to its roots. This custom graphics is dedicated to the WoW players still left in the game. Looking for all of the essentials for your WoW experience in one easy to use package? Look no further. Use our World of Warcraft Stream Overlay Package to take the game back to its original roots. Differentiate yourself from other streamers with this professional, easy to set-up & clean Twitch WOW Webcam PNG.

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WoW twitch overlays

Refer to screenshot for all elements in the package
The package contains:
– Offline screen
– Intermission screen
– Facecam border
– Description panels
– Top bar panel
– Alerts

This is an instant download. World of Warcraft Overlay Package. All purchases and non-refundable.

Provided without personalisation
Includes files in Download Contents
Files are compatible with OBS & xSplit
Personalise sections yourself, such as stream screens and avatar/banner, using PSD files provided

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